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What should I do if there is mould in my home or building?

What should I do if there is mould in my home or building?

If you feel that there is a mould issue in your home or building, you should bring in a professional company to conduct a mould assessment. This may include a visual inspection, moisture measurements, and air sampling.  Once the mould source has been identified, and the area properly cleaned or remediated, the health symptoms associated […]

What are the symptoms of mould exposure?

Symptoms of mould exposure include: Skin irritations or rashes Dry hacking cough Nose, eye or throat irritations Nasal or sinus congestion Wheezing or difficulty breathing People who spend extended periods of time in an indoor setting with mould will likely experience irritant or allergic responses. The more an individual is exposed to mould, the higher […]

What causes mould to grow indoors?

An indoor environment has everything mould spores need to grow — the right temperature and a food source such as drywall, plywood, etc.  It only needs moisture or a water source. Mould will grow if a moisture source is introduced into the environment. Water intrusions from an outdoor source, like flooding or roof and window […]